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BoardEye enables the top leadership of the company with secure and interactive platform for easy and informed interaction.

BoardEye helps

Performance Tracking

Directors can track decisions taken by the Board or by Board Committees, using BoardEye's Action Taken Reports (ATRs). Board/Committee Decisions are separately reported as – finished, in process and deferred, for reasons described. Directors can drill down from the overall pictorial presentation to receive more details input by the CS' office.

BoardEye helps

Compliance Tracking

The CS provides information on the Compliances required throughout the year and reports on the compliances as they happen through the period. The information is presented pictorially on the dashboard, and the Director can drill down to obtain details of the compliance activities done, in process and on hold. This helps ensure the existence and working of a system to ensure compliance with all legal requirements applicable to the company.

BoardEye enables

Meetings Management

Total meetings management solution for board and committee meetings. The iPad application enables Directors to see Notices, Agendas and Minutes in an elegant, easy-to-read format. They can modify and version the Agendas and Minutes of meetings. Importantly, it helps Directors save time. Secretarial tasks are also eased in a number of ways.h here. BoardEye helps Performance Tracking

BoardEye allows

Sharing Comments & Annotations

BoardEye's unique intra-Board interaction and document approval process provides a platform to share annotations and comments within the board, and between the Directors and the Company Secretary, in a secure and private environment.

BoardEye pays attention to

your Data Security

This is a primary concern! BiS addresses information security in all three forms - during transport, in storage and at display. Information is encrypted and then moved through https secure tunnels. Every call from Directors' iPads is verified using Secure Tokens, and if an iPad is reported lost or stolen, the system administrator can invalidate that user's Security Token so no-one can use the machine to log-in. Data stored on the hard disk of the client machine is encrypted. We strongly recommend that users store minimal data on their iPads. When they do download data, reading can only be done using the decrypting key available inside the BoardEye application. Display controls are designed to ensure data cannot go beyond the authorised user. Our development team has been oriented to its task with a “security-first” approach! The top 10 OWASP recommendations are implemented. Also, we are working to obtain ISO 27001-2013 certification by June 2016.