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Board Information System (BiS)

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Governance & Compliance

   BiS is a compliance and governance portal with two modules – BoardEye and LegiLens.

BiS addresses
  • Board Leadership
  • Independent Directors
  • Secretarial Department

Board Governance

Today’s fast paced and competitive business requires enormous oversight on the part of Board Members. Tracking execution of Board Decisions between meetings and systematically continuous tracking of legal compliances throughout the year – both are key features of BoardEye. Meeting Activity Management and related Information management is the basic infrastructure. Also, BoardEye provides Secure communication – intra-board and between the board and the Company Secretary!

Secretarial Office Management

In the daily uphill battle with the new regulations issued under the Companies Act 2013 or by SEBI, LegiLens is your trusted squire. Timely reminders and alerts combined with chapter-wise and event-wise section compliances will make you forget the word ‘non-compliance’!


Combines both Board Governance and Secretarial assistance in one Solution.
Excellent features, smart GUI- making usage adoption very easy - cloud, intranet versions available, i-pad and android versions being released shortly
Designed for India specific compliances
The core team has extensive experience in leadership positions, Directorships & Secretarial Practice.
The company is a pioneer in providing electronic Law information access and Knowledge Management Solutions to the Legal & Secretarial Community in India.

How do we Deliver?

Time saving is of vital importance for KMPs - that reflects in our delivery model!

LegiLens and BoardEye are web based applications designed to keep you accessible and well informed anytime-anywhere. BiS, a communication and information portal, is installed on your company’s intranet- or a cloud-server procured by your company. A laptop PC or an iPad with internet connectivity is all you need to access and use the system. BoardEye is also designed as an iPad app adding to its user friendliness.


  • ICSI Knowledge Portal
  • Company Law - eLibrary
  • e-register Services
“Board Information System (BiS) is really useful and I use it extensively through my IPad. During our last Board meeting held on 3rd instant I experienced its marvelous functioning without using a single Agenda Paper…."

How do we handle your Data Security?

Accurate and updated information is “valuable” but in wrong hands it is “costly”. Hence, we have designed BiS implementing the best security measures for internal as well as external threats.