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LegiLens is a Secretarial Office Assistance software including compliance support for Companies Act 2013. LegiLens supports the Company Secretary in fulfilling the professional duties.

LegiLens is your

Secretarial Office Management tool

LegiLens helps the Company Secretary in assigning tasks – for compliance or otherwise – to her/his team members, and monitor their execution. LegiLens also provides for a Plan B – should the need arise, somebody else other than the original task-assignee, can take over the task and execute it within the required time-line. Also, LegiLens helps the Company Secretary assess the performance of his team, by person and by time.

LegiLens will help you manage Secretarial activities of not just one company, but all Group Companies.

LegiLens enables

Compliance Management for CA 2013 & SEBI Requirements

Compliance Alerts
LegiLens automatically calculates the compliance dates with Respect to the trigger event date, to set up compliance deadline alerts and send reminders at an appropriate time to assigned personnel. These alerts and reminders become tasks on your Dashboard – today's, this week's, this month's! This helps to ensure secretarial practices are fulfilled and nothing slips through the cracks.Type your paragraph here.
Event Wise Section Compliance.
LegiLens automates the secretarial practices pertaining to different sections required for important events / activities like AGM, EGM, Issue of Share Capital, appointment of Director, appointment of Auditor, and more...
Chapter wise Section Compliance
In this unique feature, sections of Companies Act 2013 are configured with respect to necessary secretarial practices. As these sections change based on circulars from the MCA, LegiLens will get updated within 3 working days of the change. This helps in fulfilling the compliance requirements with utmost efficiency and accuracy.
Graphical View
LegiLens lets you see all the important compliance data in a pictorial manner. A click on the desired area of the graph takes you to detailed information of the tasks in that area.
e-statutory Registers.
Creating and electronically maintaining the prescribed statutory registers viz., Register of Directors & KMPs, Register of Contracts and Arrangements (MBP-4), Register of Investments not held in its own name by the Company (MBP-3), Register of Deposits, Register of Debenture-holders (MGT-2), Register of loans, guarantees, etc (MGT 2), etc.. . The “maker-checker” flow helps the CS in tracking all changes in the entered data to ensure accountability, accuracy and reliability. Easy Import of data from and export to Excel ™ means you don't replicate work already done. Integration with Digital Signature Certificate.

LegiLens is a stand-alone product and also a module of Axar's Board Information System (BiS). The installation, accessibility and security features of LegiLens are the same as those of BiS.